T727 Make a Craggy Mountain

Let's make following Craggy Mountain with TATARA 7.0 and the Rough plug-in.


T726 Make a Pumpkin

Let's make the following pumpkin using TATARA 7.0 and the Balloon plug-in.


T725 Make a Handkerchief covered on the glass

Let’s make the following handkerchief covered on the glass by TATARA 7.0 and Height Plug-in and UTSUSHI. Becasue UTSUSHI is only for Windows. So I prepared the image made by UTSUSHI for OSX users.


T724 Make a Tablecloth

Let's make the following tablecloth by TATARA 7.0 and Cloth Plug-in.


T723 Make a Dolphin

Let's make the following dolphin by TATARA 7.0.


T722 Make a Spoon

Let's make the following spoon using TATARA 7.0.


T721 Make a Boat

Let's make the following boats using TATARA 7.0.

You can make the texture of the bow of this boat easily.


T720 Make a Flying Butterfly

Let's make the following flying butterfly using TATARA 7.0.


T719 Make a Star

Let's make the following star using TATARA 7.0.


Tutorial T718 make a Rabbit Balloon

Let's make the following rabbit balloon using TATARA 7.0.


IDOBATA Pro 1.0 was released.

IDOBATA Pro is the text to Speech chatting program. You can check nearby chat without chat window.

It watches the chat file and speak the updated chat by Microsoft Speech API 5.4 or Microsoft Speech Platform 11.
You can unify the voice and the chat. So, your in-world radio live will be extended.

You can download it from http://kanae.net/secondlife/idobata_pro.html

You can buy the IDOBATA Pro Serial Box from KANAE PROJECT Shop

Please check it.


Tutorial T717 Make a Old Rail Wood Fence

Let's make the following old rail wood fence using TATARA 7.0.


T716 Make a Fork

Let's make the following fork using TATARA 7.0.


Tutorial T715 Make a tail fin of the Dolphin

Let's make following the tail fin of the dolphins by TATARA 6.0.


Tutorial T714 Make a Stump

Let's make the following stump by TATARA 7.0.


Tutorial T713 Make a Plastic Planter

Let's make the following plastic planter by TATARA 7.0.


Tutorial T712 Make a Roof of the Tiki House

Let's make the roof of the following roof of the Tiki house.


Tutorial T711 Make a Soft Serve Ice Cream Part II

Let's make the following soft ice creams by TATARA and Coil plug-in for TATARA(option).

Though I have already made Soft Serve Ice Cream, I make the soft ice cream of the form which is different using the Coil plug-in with this article. And It is only upper part. The Coil plug-in is the option.

Please use TATARA 7.279 later and Coil plug-in 130812 later.


Tutorial T710 Make a Teapot

Let's make the following teapot by TATARA 7.0.


Tutorial T709 Make a Soft Serve Ice Cream

Let's make the following the main part of a soft serve ice cream by TATARA 7.0.


Tutorial T708 Make a Twisted Ring

Let's make the following twisted ring by TATARA 7.0.


Tutorial T707 Make a Tablecloth

Let's make the following table cloth by TATARA 7.0 and Cloth Plug-in.

Cloth Plug-in is Option. And please use TATARA7.276 or later.


Tutorial T706 Make a Cherry

Let's make the following Cherry by TATARA 7.0 and SOMATO 3.0.

About "TATARA part", you can make it on OSX by OSX version of TATARA 7.0. But you can’t make "SOMATO part" on OSX, because OSX version of SOMATO isn’t released now.


Tutorial T705 Make a Broken Wall

Let's make the following broken wall by TATARA 7.0.


Tutorial T704 Make a Tree

Let's make the following tree made from the four panels by TATARA 7.0.


Tutorial T703 Make a Jewelry

Let's make the following jewelry from TATARA 7.0.


Tutorial T702 Make a Kushi Dango

Let's make Kushi Dango using Objects of the Tools menu which is the new function of TATARA 7.0.

Dango is a Japanese sweets made from rice flour. The Dango held by a skewer is called Kushi Dango.
If you want to know dango more, please check following wikipedia page.


Tutorial T701 Make a Vase

Let's make the following vase by TATARA 7.0.


TATARA 7.0 was released.

I released TATARA 7.268.

The main changes of TATARA 7.0 from 6.0 are as follows.