TATARA7 was updated to 7.292

I updated TATARA7 to 7.292.

The improving points are as follows.
-library was updated.
It is mainly for windows 8.1.
-The bug of selection of New Dialog was fixed.
-The selection of file type was updated.
-The bug of interface design was fixed.

Thereby, operation of TATARA7 on Windows8.1 was stabilized more.
Moreover, I checked operation of the TATARA 7 on Windows10 Technical Preview. Build which was verified is 9926.

The user of TATARA7 can use for free.
Please download it from http://kanae.net/secondlife/tatara.html and check it.


S404 Add dirt shadows to the texture

The SUMI function was added to SOMATO 4.71. It adds dirt shadows to the texture. Let's add dirt shadows to the following Feisar Ship by it.


T729 Make five Leaves

Let's make the five following leaves using TATARA 7.0 and SOMATO 4.0.


T728 Make a Paper Bag

Let's make the following Paper Bag by TATARA 7.0 and SOMATO 4.0.


S402 Add a shadow to the texture of the sculpted prim

Let’s add a shadow to the texture of the following sculpted prim.

This article is a part of SOMATO 4.0 Readme.