Tutorial T715 Make a tail fin of the Dolphin

Let's make following the tail fin of the dolphins by TATARA 6.0.


Tutorial T714 Make a Stump

Let's make the following stump by TATARA 7.0.


Tutorial T713 Make a Plastic Planter

Let's make the following plastic planter by TATARA 7.0.


Tutorial T712 Make a Roof of the Tiki House

Let's make the roof of the following roof of the Tiki house.


Tutorial T711 Make a Soft Serve Ice Cream Part II

Let's make the following soft ice creams by TATARA and Coil plug-in for TATARA(option).

Though I have already made Soft Serve Ice Cream, I make the soft ice cream of the form which is different using the Coil plug-in with this article. And It is only upper part. The Coil plug-in is the option.

Please use TATARA 7.279 later and Coil plug-in 130812 later.


Tutorial T710 Make a Teapot

Let's make the following teapot by TATARA 7.0.


Tutorial T709 Make a Soft Serve Ice Cream

Let's make the following the main part of a soft serve ice cream by TATARA 7.0.