TUTORIAL R06 Make Rabbit balloon

To make normal balloon you will need to use Rokuro. If you want to make heart shape balloon, it is possible in Tokoroten. However for rabbit balloon we will use Mage.
Let's start by making a draft image of our balloon and uploading it as a background texture into Rokuro pro, Mage working area by going menu View > Load backgroound.

Be sure to make it 256x256 px - a square image with a little space left around the actual image to make it easier for us to trace in Rokuro pro.
Then, select Mage tab from the Rokuro pro and start tracing the right part. You don't need to trace both parts, Mage does it for you.

Your trace should look something like that. Remember that square control points are the main control points that will define the shape of your sculptie from afar view in Second life. Position them strategically to the shape defining places like angles, corners, curves etc. Be sure to check your sculptie's shape by frequently checking the afar view in View > Level of detail > Middle.
Be sure you have your center control pointsin the middle of a balloon's body. Start working from them. Your shape will bend around these two center control points.
When you upload your sculptie to Second life, it usually appears turned upside down and is shown from afar view. (Rokuro pro middle view)

In-world you can further edit your sculptie to create it's final look.

in Rokuro pro your sculptie is automatically covered in numbered align texture to help you see where the texture is hugging your sculptie and then paint by numbers in Photoshop or any other graphics software.
So from X0-X3 you have left ear, from X4-XB you have balloon's main body and from XC-XF you have right ear.

Because Rokuro Pro can read PSD format you can edit the texture in photoshop while previewing it in Rokuro Pro on a sculptie. It is very convenient for adjusting the shadows.

When you save your sculptie as TGA file be sure to change it's save size to 128x128 or less. On the other hand, save it's texture in JPEG or PNG format as 256x256px.
Be sure to check "lossless compression" when uploading sculptie texture.


translated by Dendre Benelli.

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