TUTORIAL R05 Make Open heart accessory

Let's make some accessory sculptie like an open heart that can be used for necklace or earrings. We will start with MAGE tab in Rokuro pro software.


To make our job easier, we first prepare an open heart sketch or sample picture. Be sure to make it a square (256x256) image with a little space left around the object. It will help us comfortably trace it with our control points in Rokuro pro.

To load this sample image as our background go to Rokuro pro menu > View > Load background and select an image you prepared. It will be place into your working area.
To make a heart shape tube we move our control points according to the image below.

Remember that square control points are the main control points that will define the shape of your sculptie from afar view in Second life. Position them strategically to the shape defining places like angles, corners, curves etc. Be sure to check your sculptie's shape by frequently checking the afar view in View > Level of detail > Middle.

If you position your control points in a wrong order it may cause your sculptie to look like it was turned inside out. Be careful to position them in the order them come initially.

Above is the example of disposition of the control points causing your sculptie to misshape.
After you completed your shape and checked its middle view, you can save it in TGA format by going to menu's File > Save.

Now let's make a texture.
When we were making open heart sculptie, we were bending a default shape from top to bottom - vertically. Therefore the texture should also have vertical direction as shown below.

There are many tutorials on the web that shows you how to create a metallic looking texture in photoshop. It's pretty easy to make so look it up. Be sure to make a texture with 256x256 px in size.

After you're done upload it into Rokuro pro for preview by going to menu Texture > Load.
Because Rokuro Pro can read PSD format you can edit the texture in photoshop while previewing it in Rokuro Pro on a sculptie. It is very convenient for adjusting the shadows.
Be sure to check your texture on a sculptie with middle view level to see if it still looks ok. When you are satisfied, save both textures (sculptie as TGA file and it's texture as JPG or PNG file) and upload them in-world. Be sure to check "lossless compression" when uploading sculptie texture.
To make your silver open heart look even more realistic apply shiny effect in edit window.



translated by Dendre Benelli.

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