TUTORIAL T03 Make Twist Ring

1) Torus-type-stitching 
We will make a twist ring using Torus-type-Stitching sculpty. Default Torus is a donut like shape,  i.e. there is a  hole in the middle. This shape is useful for inner tube, ring, etc. Furthermore it would be useful for more complicated shape which has a hole. 

You know that there is a Torus shape among ordinary prims also.  I recommend the use of ordinary Torus when you need a simple donut shape.
We will make a twist ring shown in the image below.

2)Make a ring shape
Open the new file. Select File -> New -> Torus -> 32x32.
A shape by default is more like a tire than ring. First we will make simple thin ring

you will see the simple circle in cross-section.
Drag to select the whole circle. After confirming all control point are selected, drag the corner to shrink the circle.

3)Twist a ring
Before twisting, change cross-section from circle to square. Square cross-section will show twisted shape clearly. Go to menu and select  Shape -> Pillar.

Triangle cross-section will show clear twisted effect also. Next. Go to menu and select Edit -> Twist+.

You will get twisted ring as shown in the image below.

Give another Twist+, you will get more twisted ring.

You can  make much more twisted ring if you like, but too much twist will squash the jag.
Save the data in the case of editing later.
So, maximize the data in order to build the object easily in-world. choose Maximize from the Edit menu.
You will have something like the image below.

It might look something made from corrupted data. But this data is easily-handled after uploading. It uses the maximum resolution of sculpted prim.
And save the data. By checking the button of Copy Protection by transparent in Setup menu, your data will be saved as transparent data thanks of alpha channel effect. As your sculpmap data won't be shown even if the object is modifiable, you data can not be captured.
I recommend to add "_SP" to the back of sculpmap texture name.

4) Build a ring in-world
Upload the data. Be sure to confirm the data in preview window one by one, and don't forget to check the button of "loss less upload"

Nothing will be shown as a texture in the window because it is transparent data. To check the date as a sculpture, change preview mode from texture to sculpted prim.

The sculpty will have thin film at middle, this is because preview shows data as not torus-stetting but sphere. Don't worry about the film.

Create a ring in-world. Be sure to change the Stitching type from default Sphere to Torus.

Now you would get your twisted ring.


translated by Gumi Yao.

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