Introduction to "TSUBO v1.01" - 2.Assemble multiple prims

I released “TSUBO v1.01”.  TSUBO is a tool which assembles multiple prims of TATARA.
TSUBO can make multiple prims from any textures as long as you have full permissions on them.
You can get “TSUBO v1.01” from my shop.

IMPORTANT:  Please do the steps in “1.Preparation” first before continuing.
The preparations steps are only done once

2.Assemble multiple prims

1)Create a new notecard in Second Life.  This card will list the sculpt textures and the coordinates for each one.  As you can see below, the format for each line is:

Name of Texture: <x coordinate, y coordinate, z coordinate>:<x Size, y Size, z Size>:<x Rotation, y Rotation,z Rotation>:Sititching type

2)Copy the text for multiple Prim created by TATARA.


3)Paste it on the note.

4)Save your note.
The notecard can be named anything you wish.

5)Upload sculpt map textures.
CAUTION: Please don't change the name of textures.

6)Rez "TSUBO v1.01" object you made in the Preparation step.

7)Right-click  "TSUBO v1.01" and select "Open" fro the pie menu.

Drop the sculpt map textures and the notecard which you made in the steps above. Make sure there is a texture for each entry on the notecard.

Additing textures and notecard to inventory:

Review the contents:  One notecard, all sculpt textures, one child object and one TSUBO script.

CAUTION: Only use textures on which you have full permissions. 
The notecard and textures which were dropped are deleted or return automatically after making multiple prims.

8)Touch "TSUBO v1.01"

The object will now assemble sculpted objects made of several sculpt textures.

You can check this step on YouTube here.

Thanks to KJ Georgette for help with this translation.

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