Introduction to "TSUBO v1.01" - 1.Preparation

I released "TSUBO v1.01".  TSUBO is a tool which assembles multiple prims of TATARA.
TSUBO can make multiple prims from any textures as long as you have full permissions on them.
You can get "TSUBO v1.01" from my shop.


1.Preparation (This work is only once. )

1)Move to a Sandbox, your own parcel or a parcel where rezzing and scripts are allowed.

2)Create your Object. 
Please select Build Button and Click inworld to build.

3)Drop "TSUBO Child v1.0 Script" into the inventory (Content tab) of the Object you just built or created.
The script will begin to run and "TSUBO Child" hovertext is displayed on the object.
CAUTION: Don't use CTRL+Drop. 

4)Take "TSUBO child v1.01" into your inventory.
The name of the object which you took is automatically set to "TSUBO child v1.01".

5)Rez "TSUBO v1.01" (the bottle/flask seen below) and Drop "TSUBO child v1.01." with the inventory(Content tab ) of "TSUBO v1.01".

6)Take the bottle/flask object "TSUBO v1.01" into your inventory.
The preparation steps are finished. If done properly these above steps will not need to be repeated.

It is highly recommended that you view the YouTube videos on TSUBO. 
You can see them here: 


Rez your TSUBO object and follow the directions on the hover text. The notecard contains prim coordinates.
You can check the details of the assembly step with this article.

Thank you to KJ Georgette for help with this translation.

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