TUTORIAL R09 Make Cushion

-How to make a cushion using Rokuro pro-

Rokuro pro has a new shape in it's shape menu called cushion. Let's use it to create a simple cushion shape like the one on the picture below. Go to menu and select SHAPE > CUSHION.

"To make a cushion we will have to work with only front of pillow. Side will be automatically adjusted by Rokuro pro.
Since the shape of a cushion is symmetrical from top to bottom, we are going to make only top part and move control points from 1 to 5 to create a horizontal curve of a pillow ( if you look at it from the front) and 6 to 17 to make a vertical curve. Your top shape will be automatically copied to the bottom next time we choose cushion shape from the menu. "
Ok, first draw a sample of your pillow and use it as a reference background for your future sculpty. ( View > Load background).

Sample image of a pillow is symmetrical from top to bottom and from right to left. That's why all you have to do is to adjust your control points of the top-right corner of the pillow as shown in the image below.

You can use your own image or a photograph of a pillow but make sure it's size more or less matches the size of your rokuro working area. The center of your cushion image must match the center of your working area.

Ok, let's start making our sculpty. First, in Rokuro tab let's position our control points as shown in the image below. Control points 1,3,5,9 and 17 are your important anchors so position them first and then finish your shape with the rest of the points from 1 to 17.

5th control point is your corner point. Position your first 5 control points by dragging them or SHIFT-key. Select them and choose equal intervals from the edit menu.

Do the same action for control points from 6 to 17 and equal your intervals. You will have something like the image below.

Then adjust your control points from 1 to 17 to match your cushion draft underneath.

After you finish, go to your menu and select SHAPE > CUSHION again.

Your cushion will look something like the image below.

Now, let's make some final adjustments for our pillow.
If you look carefully at your sculpty, you will notice the connection part sticking out of your shape in between horizontal cushion corners (red highlight in the image below).

To avoid it, move your control points from 1 to 4 inside of your shape as shown in the image below. Repeat this action for bottom control points. Do not select Shape> cushion function at this point anymore.

You don't have to move them deep inside. Just a little bit is fine. The image shows extreme shift to make it simpler to understand. ^-^
It is important not to move any other control points at this time or your shape will deform. If you move your horizontal control points from 1 to 4 inside the pillow, the horizontal curve will remain connecting your control points from 1 to 3 to 5 into a nice curve. However, if you select shape > cushion once again, it will create a new form of pillow with your horizontal curve reflecting the present position of your horizontal control points. Do it only if you want to re-adjust your shape.

Now let's make texture.
Look into your preview screen to see the numbers corresponding with particular places on your shape. Your cushion texture will have front and back as shown on the image below.

The rest of the texture will be hidden inside the pillow so you don’t have to color it.
The usual texture size is 512x512. However our current shape requires only 256x384. You can make a texture in 256x256 size and then resize it to the actual size 256x384.
This is my sample texture.

Go to your texture menu and select load to upload your cushion texture into preview screen.

"Here you can preview how your texture will look on a sculpty.
Save sculpted map as PNG or TGA file and cushion texture as PNG or JPEG file and upload both files into second life.


Be sure to check lossless compression when uploading both of your textures.
When saving your sculpted map in rokuro pro, you can choose in it's FILE>SETUP menu to make sculpty transparent to avoid theft in second life. If you do that your sculpty will be transparent and look like the image below.

Make an object and in it's edit menu > object tab choose SCULPT from the dropdown menu. Choose your sculpted map to make a cushion form. Then go to your texture tab menu and select your cushion texture. Adjust it's size to your preferences. ^-^


translated by Dendre Benelli.

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