TATARA 6.0 Tutorial Index

TATARA is a tool to make sculpted prims.
You can download it from KANAE PROJECT Web site.
And you can also make mesh by TATARA 6.0.

T601 Make a Vase
T602 Make a Jewelry
T603 Make a Tree
T604 Make a Broken Wall
T605 Make a Cherry
T606 Make a Paper Bag
T607 Make a Baseball Helmet
T608 Make a Twisted Ring
T609 Make a Soft Serve Ice Cream
T610 Make a Teapot
T611 Make a Soft Serve Ice Cream Part2
T612 Make a Roof of the Tiki House
T613 Make a Plastic Planter
T614 Make a Stump
T615 Make a tail fin of the Dolphin
T616 Make a Fork
T617 Make a Rail Wood Fence
T618 Make a Rabbit Ballon
T619 Make a Flying Butterfly
T620 Make a Star
T621 Make a Boat
T622 Make five Leaves
T623 Make a Spoon
T624 Make a Dolphin
T625 Make a Tablecloth
T626 Make a Handkerchief covered on the glass
T627 Make a Pumpkin

How to make Mesh by KANAE PROJECT Tools
MT603 Make a Mesh Object by TATARA 6.0.203

TATARA 6.0 download

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