TATARA 7.0 was released.

I released TATARA 7.268.

The main changes of TATARA 7.0 from 6.0 are as follows.

-Windows 64bit version and Mac OS X 32bit version was released. 
If you bought TATARA 7.0 for Windows serial box, you can use both the 32bit version and the 64bit version. But you cannot use the license of the Windows version with the Mac OS X version.  
-The 3D graphic Engine was changed to DirectX. And the form is drawn by DirectX.
-You can change the offest of preview by draging with shift key.
-You can shunt the control points outside the area outputted as a
sculpted prim by setting "Wide Edit Area".
-You can use MAGE Edit mode on Plane type.
-You can use WAPPA Edit mode on Plane type.
-You can load your .dae/.obj Object as Target.
-New function Objects Dialog on Tool menu was added. You can make multiple objects easily.
-You can edit selected control points by Numerical input, when you check “Control Position” Option on setup dialog.

You can download TATARA 7.0 from following URL. Please check it.

You can check the price of TATARA from following URL.

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