TUTORIAL R02 Make a wineglass.

Let's make the following wineglass by ROKURO Pro.

The feature of the wineglass to make is as follows.
- Wine is contained in the wineglass.
- The edge of a cup is thin.

I prepared the following background image.

It is symmetrical in the size of 256x256, and there is no vertical and horizontal margin.

After I am adapted for an object, I am going to change an aspect ratio.

The form of a wineglass is made based on a background image.

Boot ROKURO Pro. And select Load Background on the View menu and specify the prepared image.

As shown in the following figure, rearrange control points along with a background image.

Because it turns at the part of the edge of a cup rapidly, it is good to bring close and arrange 2 or3 control points. Though only one assigned the control point to the edge of the glass, the control point of the square was used for the edge of the cup. It is better to bring the control point near an edge close to an edge.
I will check how to arrange a square to the control point of a part at which it turns rapidly, set View-View Level on a menu to Middle, and for it be visible.

Let’s make the edge of a cup thin. Because the color of wine is given from from outside a cup, make the same the height of the control point of the inside of a cup, and outside.

If rearrangement of a control point finishes, select Save on the File menu and save a Sculpt-Map file in TGA form. I recommend to attach _SP to the name of a Sculpt-Map file back.

Let's make the texture of a wineglass.

Let's color with a graphic tool, using a mesh image as a background image.
See a ROKURO Pro preview and check what color should be applied to which part.

X0 is the surface of wine and X8-X9 is the sides of wine.
X0 should make transparency small in bright red, X8-X9 is red darker than X0, and only a few should make transparency smaller than a cup.
Though the part of glass is white, it is better to add blueness and green for a while. About 60% of transparency is good.
The mesh currently prepared by ROKURO is 2 pixels in width, and the center is a boundary of a block.
The color and the alpha channel are the next figures.


Alpha channel

ROKURO Pro can use the PSD file of PHOTOSHOP as a texture.
Select Load on the Texture menu of most a left end.
You can check that the transparency of an alpha channel is also applied.

Set Grid on the View menu as one, and rearrange a control point.

After the texture which was saved by overwrite in File-Save TGA form once again, and was saved in PSD form also gives a ripple to the wine upper surface and adds a hand, let's save in TGA form, and raise a sculpted prim and a texture to an in world.
When you raise a sculpted prim, be sure to check a preview. The upper and lower sides are displayed conversely.

Please apply them to an object, adjust an aspect ratio, and rotate it.

The wineglass was completed.

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