TUTORIAL R07 Make stairs

This tutorial is for ROKURO pro and TATARA.
1) Stairs you can stand on
I'm sure some of you have created the stairs you could not stand on them, you might not even get near them. Such a problem is not peculiar to stairs. You might have created large size sculpted objects which you could not get close. In order to get close them you would have to make them "phantom" setting.
This tutorial introduce how to make stairs you can go up and down. Look at the Pic.1

Sculpted prim's collision border is not sculpty's visible surface but is box on which sculpty data is adopted. This is the reason why we could not get close to sculpted prim sometimes.
In order to move sculpty's visible surface to box border as close as possible, in this tutorial I will rotate the stairs as shown Pic.2.

The number of the treads is 7. This is because we can see each tread clearly in View Level-Middle.
Please drew outline of the stairs like Pic.2. Center of the picture must be located inside stairs.
2) Let's mold
Make a new Cylinder file. Select TOKOROTEN tab. And load the outline picture as a background.
You can move control-ponts efficiently following steps
First, move only 16 square control-points which should be located on corners.
Second, select 2 adjacent control-points you moved, then select Equal Intervals in Edit menu. A round control-point sandwiched the 2 square control-points will move middle of them.

When all of the treads are molded, you will see the window as shown Pic.4.

Third, don't worry about inner control-points arrangement, they can be arranged very easily by using Optimize in Edit menu. All you have to do is just selecting Optimize.

Please check the data in case of malfunction. When it works, you will get the data shown Pic.6.

3) Upload the stair.
Upload the data and confirm if you can go up/down the stair.
Save your data as 128 x 128 or less. I recommend data size of 64 x 64.
Check a box of "Use lossless compression" in Upload dialog window, and upload the data. Lossless compression is available up to data size of 128 x 128.
Pay attention that a object is shown upside down in the preview window.

Create the stair and try to go up/down in-world.

4)Create the texture for your upstair
Paint the texture with watching view window and save the data.
You can edit the data on many photo-retouch products.
Pic.9 is a example of a texture for stair.

Load a texture data to ROKUROpro/TATARA to adopt your stair.

Upload the texture and put it on your stair.

translated by Gumi Yao.

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