TUTORIAL T02 Make a Teapot

1) Our plan

Let's make a teapot with TATARA.
This Tutorial would give you ideas for ROKURO pro uses also.


Through this tutorial you will learn how to make a Cylinder-type-Stitching sculpty. Look at a spout of a teapot. Yes, it opens thanks to the use of a Cylinder type sculpty.


First of all, you need an outline of a teapot. Draw an outline, leaving small blank spaces on all four edges. You don't need to pay attention to the aspect ratio because it will be adjusted automatically when the picture is loaded.


2) Let's Mold

Make a new Cylinder file. Select a Cylinder in File -> New menu.


Select MAGE tab in order to edit in MAGE tab.
Load the outline picture as a background.


Move control-points in reference to Pic.6.


Beginning(or ending if you arrange it backward) is the knob of the lid. Continue to make the body and bottom. Then turn and bend points along a handle. Continue around the body to the base of spout. Make the spout and its inner surface as shown in the picture above.

When you finish the modeling, I recommend that you save your teapot data.

3) Advanced step - Maximization

In this step you will get a great improvement of your creation by making only one selection. But PLEASE SAVE YOUR DATA before going ahead. This operation can occasionally cause unexpected deterioration.

Maximization makes your creation stretch to the largest size. In other words, Maximization eliminates the edges' blank in Pic.3.
You might have come across the sculpted objects which dominated a larger space than their surface. You could not approach close to the object, or you looked as if you were walking in the air or on an invisible object. That is because of these blanks (Blanks are needed to make smooth shape easily)

After saving your data, select Maximize.


4)Upload the data

Save your data as 128 x 128 or less. I recommend data size of 64 x 64.
Check the box labeled "Use lossless compression" in Upload dialog window, and upload the data.
Lossless compression is available up to data size of 128 x 128.


Make sure that the object is shown as a sphere type sculpty in the preview window.
When you use the sculptmap, don't forget to change the Stitching type from default Sphere to Cylinder.


Now you would get your teapot with open spout.


Cylinder type sculpty has open edges, which allows you to make a better shape than the default Sphere type in many cases.


translated by Gumi Yao.

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