TUTOTIAL B02 Make boots by SHIBORI and TATARA.

Let's make the following boots.

Let's make boots from the following steps.
1) Look for the OBJ file used by SHIBORI.
2) Carry out ShrinkWrap of the OBJ file by SHIBORI, and output an OBJ file.
3) Operate orthopedically by TATARA and output the Sculpt-Map file of a right leg.
4) Upload to second life and make the boot of left leg.

Look for a material by TURBO SQUID http://www.turbosquid.com/this time.
Please make account to use this site.

Let's search free OBJ files.
First, click SEARCH of the menu bar of the site.

Choose the media type, and price and file type as follows, and search them.

You can find the following materials.

Download this file.
If you unzip it, you will look at two OBJ files, Boot.OBJ and Buckle.obj.

Let's shrink wrap the Boot.obj downloaded from TURBO SQUID by SHIBORI.

Boot SHIBORI and read Boot.obj by Load on the File menu.

You notice that boot is rotating as shown in the following figures.

Set RotX of Target of the pane of right side to 90.

Then, boot will rotate to direction to wrap in.

Choose Drum 32x32 of Wrap Object Type.

Choose Projection of Wrap method.

If the OBJ file shrink wraped is edited by TATARA, I recommend to choose Projection.

If the Wrap button is clicked, it will become as it is shown in the following figures.

Because the target object has shifted from the center used as the target of a lap, you notice that the lap of the blue area is not carried out correctly.

So, you have to shift as follows so that a target object may include a vertical axis.

Set -2 to Y of Target of the pane of right side as follows.

Determine the range which drags and carries out the lap of the up-and-down black triangle, and click the Wrap button.
Then, it becomes as it is shown in the following figures.

The part (blue area) of the pin heel of the heel is not reproduced correctly.
This is the specification of Wrap. An inside cave is not reproduced because it wraps in from the outside. Let's modify this part by TATARA later.

Because it edits by TATARA 4.0 before, choose Flip for TATARA/SOMATO of Save Option.
If you use TATARA 5.0, set Save Option as Normal.

And save as an OBJ file by Save on the File menu.

It is because the OBJ file is higher-resolution than a Sculpt Map.

Let's edit the OBJ file shrink wrapped by SHIBORI.

Boot TATARA and read the OBJ file by Load on the File menu.

Then, it is displayed on a preview as follows.

Let's modify them, because there are wrinkles in the part of the heel (area C-D).

Choose TOKOROTEN tab.
Because Projection of Wrap method of SHIBORI is a level section, you can edit it easily in TOKOTOTEN mode.

Choose Select None on the Sides menu not to make an edit result reflect in another section.

Section to click and edit > button at the lower left of an edit pane into Move to C0-D1, each choose two groups surrounded in red, and carry out at equal intervals by Equal Intervals on the Edit menu. The shortcut is Ctrl-D.

If you arrange the form of boot, choose Maximize on the Edit menu and make the area of a Sculpt Map into the maximum.

Then, it is as follows.

Save by Save on the File menu.

Let's upload a sculpt-map file to the in-world.

When you upload a sculpt-map file, be sure to choose Upload Image on the File menu.
It costs 10L$ to upload one Sculpt-Map file.

And check by preview and check Use lossless compression.

Rotate an object, if the upper and lower sides are reverse.
And please adjust the form of boots.

We are making only the sculpt map of the boots of the right leg.

If Prim of a right leg is copied and the mirror of the object tab of edit is checked, the left leg will be made, as shown in the following figures.

The set of boots was completed.

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