TUTORIAL T16 Make a cherry

Let's make the following cherries using TATARA and SOMATO mainly.

This cherry has the following features.
-The joint of fruit and stalk has clarified.
-The texture of the lower end of fruit is not affected by the influence of an upper end.

Let's make a cherry from the following steps.
1) Make a form in the MAGE mode of TATARA.
2) Save a sculpt-map file.
3) Make and carry out a texture by SOMATO.
4) Modify a texture with a graphic tool.
5) Resave a sculpt-map file by TATARA.
6) Upload to an in world.

Choose New > Sphere > 32x32 on the File menu, and initialize an object.

To keep a smooth form, set Grid on the View menu to None.

To make a rough form, set Level of Detail on the View menu to Middle.

Choose a MAGE tab.

Let's use the following images as a background image.

Choose Load Background on the View menu and read a background image.

Then, it is displayed as follows.

As shown in the following figures, arrange a control point along with the stalk with a background image.

Arrange it at the bottom of fruit without arranging a control point to the stalk and the joint of fruit.

Thereby, you look at a joint clearly.

Choose the control point which the lower end made pile up mutually by range specification.

Right-click an edit display, choose Magnet and put the control point of this section together.

-- Please once interrupt work here and read the following. --

If a control point was arranged as follows in the similar procedure,

you would check that yellow area is turned over by the preview.

So, in order to make that of fruit, it crosses and a control point should be arranged.

-- Let's resume work. --

As shown in the following figures, arrange a control point along with fruit.

A preview is as follows.

In order to make a fine form, set Level of Detail on the View menu to Middle.

As shown in the following figures, arrange a round gray control points to meet the outline of a cherry.

Since a texture is made from SOMATO, let's arrange a few inside.

SOMATO has not supported yet the sculpt-map file saved with the coordinates of the second life of TATARA.
So, choose Setup on the File menu.

Uncheck of by the coodinate system of Second Life.

This procedure will become unnecessary in the future.

And choose Save on the File menu and save a sculpt-map file.

Start SOMATO, without ending TATARA.

Choose Load Sculpt/OBJ on the File menu and read the sculpt-map file of a cherry.

Choose Load on the Source menu and read the image file of the cherry used by TATARA.

Please check that click "4" buttons and an image overlaps the object displayed.

Check X-ray of a Bake Type group and click the Bake button.

Then, a texture is created.
However, since the following yellow area has become depressed, it cannot Bake SOMATO cleanly from the side.

So, Save on the Textute menu -- choose ... and save a texture file.

Let's end SOMATO and correct a texture with a graphic tool.

The yellow area of the following images is area to be corrected.

As follows, let's modify fruit to red and stalk to green.

Since the area of the stalk which sank into fruit is red, it should also make the portion the color of the stalk.

The texture of the cherry was completed.

Let's resave a sculpt-map file with the coordinates of a second life by TATARA.

Choose Setup on the File menu.

Check by the coodinate system of Second Life, and click the OK button.

Choose Save on the File menu and save a file.

Let's upload to the in-world.
When you upload a sculpt-map file, be sure to choose Upload Image on the File menu.
It costs 10L$ to upload one Sculpt-Map file.

And check by preview and check Use lossless compression.

Also upload a texture.

Adjust size with the application of a sculpt-map file and a texture prim.

The cherry was completed.

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