TUTORIAL S01 Make a Saury (Fish)

Make a saury.

Let's make the following saury based on a photograph.

I explained only how to use SOMATO by YouTube.

But I will explain how to make a sculpted prim by TATARA.

We make it in the following steps.
1) Take the photograph of a saury (you can use the image above by saving it to your computer). Remove the whitespace with a graphic tool.
2) Trace an outline in the MAGE mode of TATARA.
3) Make a tail fin in the WAPPA mode of TATARA.
4) Make a ventral fin and a dorsal fin in the TSUCHI mode of TATARA.
5) Read a photograph and a Sculpt Map into SOMATO and make a texture.
6) Maximize a Sculpt Map by TATARA.

Let's start. First, get the photograph of a saury. And remove whitespaces as follows.

Boot TATARA, choose a MAGE tab and read the photograph of a saury by Load BackGround of the View menu.

It was read into the background as follows.

As for an image, an aspect ratio is automatically set to 1:1.

Rotate an overall 90 degrees counterclockwise in accordance with a background.
Drag the mouse, because you will change to a rotational cursor, if the overall is chosen and a cursor is moved near the corner.

As seen below, arrange the control points along with the outline of the saury. Because you build a texture later based on this image, keep the created form from overflowing a sketch. Arrange the control point of the upper bottom as perpendicularly as possible.

Please take notice of the placement of the tail fin. A preview is as follows if it is arranged in this way.

Next, modify the tail fin orthopedically. Choose a WAPPA tab and choose Select None on the Sides menu.

Next, Change the selection from A0 to F1. Choose a cross section with the <> buttons at the lower left of the edit pane. And click the central button.

Push < button and return to the cross section of A0. And choose a bottom half and do Equal intervals. It is done by using the shortcut Ctrl+D.

Next, choose the top half and do Equal intervals.

You get your tail fin!

Next, modify the points to create a ventral fin and a dorsal fin orthopedically. Choose a TSUCHI tab and push the YZ button at the lower left of an edit pane.

Then, it is displayed as follows. You find that the cross section of a dorsal fin and a ventral fin is a circle.

Click the Reverse button by Edit Lines on the View menu.
And check 80 and 81 of Rows and enable the edit only of the cross section of a dorsal fin and a ventral fin.

Only the control point which can push an OK button, then can be edited is displayed.

Because the right and left of that are symmetrical, correct only the left side as follows:

Modify the points symmetrically on the basis of a left side.
Choose Mirror 80-GG from 00-7G of the Edit menu.

Push not YZ but the ZX button.

You get the Sculpt Map.

Read into SOMATO the sculpt map and photograph which were created.
Boot SOMATO. And choose Load Sculpt/OBJ of the File menu, and read the Sculpt Map.

A sculpted prim is displayed on the right side of a window. If you click the button of 0-5, the orientation as which a sculpted prim is displayed changes.

Next, choose Load of the Source menu and read the photograph of a saury. And click "4" button.

Because both are made based on the photograph of the same saury, the forms of a sculpted prim and a texture are the same. Therefore, it is not necessary to fine-tune this project. This is an advantage to using TATARA and SOMATO.

Next, choose Bake Type. "Sunrays" projects a texture on the place where light has hit like sunrays.
X-ray projects a texture not only on the front side but on a back side like a roentgen. Check X-ray, because the back and front should be made into the same texture.

And click the Bake button.

Then, you would get the texture. You can check it immediately by preview.

Choose Save on the Texture menu and save the texture.

The following is the texture; it is created by 512x512.

The Sculpt Map which booted and created in TATARA once again can be read, and I will maximize it. Even if a texture maximizes a sculpted prim, it does not shift.
Choose Load of the File menu and browse to the Sculpt Map of the saury.

Choose Load on the Texture menu and read the texture of a saury.

The texture into is displayed on the mesh.

Choose Disp Mesh of the View menu and the mesh of the texture disappears.

Choose Maximize on the Edit menu and maximize the Sculpt Map.

You will realize that the texture has not shifted.

Save your data as 64x64. Please set TGA Save size of setup dialog to 64x64. I recommend adding "_SP" to the back of sculptmap texture name. Then, you can find your sculpted prim immediately.
IMPORTANT:If an object is set as mod, the Sculpt Map can be screen captured. To prevent it, check Copy Protect by Transparent in the setup dialog.

Please do not upload two or more Sculpt Maps at the same time.

When you upload, please check Use Lossless compression in the upload dialog box. (See image below.)

And also upload the texture created by SOMATO. Check the preview.

The Sculpt Map made from TATARA will reverse the upper and lower sides, so please turn it.
And because it maximized, lengthen the Prim like a saury and make it slender.
Then, it is as follows.

Now you would get your saury.


automatically translated by the computer interpreter.
Please notify me of any mistakes in the translation.

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