TUTORIAL T14 Make a tail fin of the dolphin.

Let's make the following tail fin of the dolphin.

Please use the following pictures as a background image.

Let's mainly use MAGE mode. The MAGE mode can specify a section with the Section menu.
However, there is no suitable section for the tail fin of a dolphin.
So, let's combine two sections by copy & paste in Bitmap mode.

The step which makes the tail fin of the dolphin is as follows.
1) Trace a background image in MAGE mode and make a form for the right side of the tail fin of the dolphin.
2) Copy a right half to a left half by Mirror function.
3) Specify Blade on the Section menu.
4) Choose and copy the lower half in Bitmap mode.
5) Specify Round-Square2 on the Section menu, without canceling selection.
6) Paste a lower half in Bitmap mode.

Let's make the tail fin of the dolphin. 
Boot TATARA and choose New-Cylinder-32x32 on the File menu.

Choose a Mage tab.

Choose Load Background on the View menu and read the image of a background image.

Since it will be troubled if a control point clips in a grid, check None of Grid on the View menu. 

In order to edit easily, check Middle of Level of Detail on the View menu. 

Choose all the control points and move a mouse cursor near the lower right control point.
If cursor changes to rotation cursor, drag it and rotate a clockwise rotation 90 degrees.

Please rotate it as follows.

A preview is as follows.

Edit a right side control point.
Arrange a center and a right end control point on the boundary line of the background image.
Arrange a central control point in piles with the blue-axis.
Pile up the control points of the right end upper and lower sides.

Arrange the remaining control points on the boundary line of the background image.
Please arrange so that the control point of an up-and-down pair becomes perpendicular.

Arrange as follows. 

If you want to edit a middle control point, please edit them after checking Near of Level of Detail on the View menu.

Since the right side of the fin was made, let's arrange it symmetrically with left side.

Choose Mirror 08-GG from 00-G7 of Edit. 

According to the preview, the target face consists of a green line and a blue line.

So, click the YZ button in the dialog displayed on the next.

The form of the fin symmetrical as follows was made.

A Mirror function makes an object symmetrical on the basis of a central control point.
So, when a central control point shifts from a blue axis, the processed control point also shifts and is arranged.

Let's make a section in MAGE mode.

The MAGE mode can choose the form of a section.
Choose BLADE on the Section menu.

However, it does not have a form where only the lower half was expected.

Click a Bitmap tab.

The portion of the form as expected is the range of 40-CG, as shown in the following figures.
Make range selection of this area.

When you cannot choose at once, please add the selection range, pressing the Shift key.

Please check the selection range about the back and front of the fin by preview as follows.

And press the CTRL+C key and memorize the coordinates of the control point of this range.
* It uses as it is later, so please do not cancel selection.

Click a MAGE tab.

Choose ROUND-SQUARE2 on the Section menu. 

The upper part is the expected form as follows. 

Click a Bitmap tab.

Press the CTRL+V key.

Then, it becomes a form of the bottom which memorized the point as follows.

If you look at a section in WAPPA mode, you can check that it is a form where the section was expected.

Choose Maximize on the Edit menu and maximize an object. 

Please check a setup before saving. Choose Setup on the File menu.

Please set TGA Save Size as 64x64, check Copy Protection by transparent, and click the OK button.

Choose Save on the File menu and save a sculpt-map file.

Let's upload to in-world. When you upload a sculpt-map file at a second life, please be sure to use Upload Image on the File menu. It costs 10L$ to upload one Sculpt-Map file. 

And check it by preview and check Use lossless compression.

If you apply a sculpt-map file to an object, set Stitching type to Cylinder. 

And adjust size.

The tail fin was completed.

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